Selected Area render in Blender

For test renders it is sometime required to render a specific area in camera view rather than to render the whole view and at end you feel something is wrong.

To render selected area in blender press Shift-B in camera view and then with marquee selection select the area you want to have test render. If you render now it will only render the area you selected.

To render the full camera view again press shift-B and take selection outside the camera view.

Have a good day cheers 🙂


4 thoughts on “Selected Area render in Blender

  1. This advice might be something that comes in handy for the future. I know it can be annoying to wait for a whole render (including the whole scene) when doing tests, especially when there are complicated materials incorporated in your model that take time to render

    Thanks for this

    1. Thanks for the advice!

      Is there also a way to render only the selected part in the final render?

      I’m rendering an animation, where only a part of the sceen is changing.
      So i thought:
      “why not render the whole picture, and the changing area separately. I could lay the animation over the picture and have my final product.”

      I was hoping to cut down my render time by doing this.

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