How to make sharp edges shape in photoshop

Some time when you create shapes in photoshop its edges become blur. The reason is that the edges exist between two pixels. See the following picture.

zoomed image with problem

Now how to solve this problem?

Option 1 (Manual):

Select the anchor point with direct selection tool and move them to either edge  of that pixel. You will see that it will be sharp now. To see the pixel view you must enable OpenGL Drawing feature of photoshop. To do this go to View > Preferences > Performance and under GPU settings Check the Enable OpenGL Drawing.


Option 2 (Pixel Snapping):

This option works only with Rectangle tool and Rounded rectangle tool. Select the tool  and on the tool bar above the window press the down arrow next to custom shape tool and check the snap to pixel. You are done! Any rectangle shape you draw will now snap to pixels automatically.

See the image below

pixel snapping

Hope this little trick will make you life easier…


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