Creating a Dotted line in Photoshop.

Photoshop makes the CG Artists Life easier, but not all the time…. Sometime a simple task like making a dotted line in photoshop is not that much simpler as it should be.  But that does not mean its that much difficult, its easier just follow the tutorial.

Open the Photoshop document where you want to place the dotted line

Select the Brush tool, shortcut is ‘B’

Open the Brushes Palette( Window –> Brushes, or F5)

Click the Brush Presets and select the Brush with some hard edges. You can select the Square brushes or Rounded on the bases of your need.


After you selected the brush type Click the “Brush tip shape”, Now here you can can see spacing slider, Slide it a value greater than 100%, in example i set it to 200%. You can also set the diameter and hardness of the brush here. You can see the Preview of the brush at the bottom


Now go to your document again and select the color of the line and then hold down the shift button and Click and drag to draw the dotted line. ( by holding down shift you can draw Straight lines)

If its not giving a desired look, Do it again and this time play with spacing, Hardness, Diameter and the shape of the brush to make a desired look..

There are also many other options available here under the Brushes palette..Do explore them.

Have a good day… 🙂


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