A solution to solve blured edges problem in Photoshop.

This is not a complete tutorial, but its just a small tip witch is extremely useful in designing process.

As most of you know photoshop is not a Vector Graphics tool, so sometime we get some weired problem like a draw a rectangle shape and its edges are not sharp as they should be.  Or you draw a shape and its got blurred edges.

The solution is that just do not use the shapes where they are not necessary..for example if you want to draw a rectangle as background dont use shape rather use the Marquee Tool and the fill it with the color on new layer.

Another solution is that if shapes really makes your work easier do Rasterize them in your design. A common problem could be that if made a shape by using pen toll and given a stroke to it. Some edges get distorted ….That could be solved by Just Hold down the Ctrl Key and Click the shape layer. The outer border of the shape should get selected. Now Make a new layer and go to Select—> Modify —> Contract, and do a contract it 1px. and now fill the design with the color you want.

In this way the shape edges are sharp rather to use it as the Vector mask.

Well i hope that suggestion is useful.



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