How to reduce the Polygons of an object in 3ds max easily

Sometime when you import some object in 3D studio Max, its becomes slow because of the object you bring in has lot more polygons.

There could be many ways to reduce the polygons but here i am just describing one way in this post….For other ways see the upcoming posts.

Select the object and apply the Optimize modifier on it…As you do it you see polygons has been reduced..Note that this method is best for simple shapes, but for complex shapes i really do not recommend this method because it also reduces the details.

By increasing the face threshold value you can reduce more polygons, but your object can get worst. You can see how many polygons you reduced at the bottom of modifier parameter. You can pla with other setting to get the result without loosing the precious details.

Thanks and Have a good day 🙂


23 thoughts on “How to reduce the Polygons of an object in 3ds max easily

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