Target Welding Two Different Objects in 3DS MAX

First of all what is target welding Target Welding….? It technique through which we can weld two vertex together…How to use that…? Simple Go to vertex sub level and select the target weld from there then select the vertex, click and drag to the other vertex and its done!.

Now A lot of time i use two different objects to make a shape then attach them together to make a single object, but then you need to attach the vertices together so they look complete.

Here is the point where problem occurs, when you try to connect to objects with different structure object you could not do it. Solution to that problem is shown here in this video.

Please be free to ask any sort of question …..



12 thoughts on “Target Welding Two Different Objects in 3DS MAX

  1. Terrific document ! I must recognize if you update your site, you believe subscribe to your site?.This aided me a good deal. I used to be minute aware to sort it out yet this page gave me clear concept

  2. Hello! I would like to ask whether it is possible to attach two 3d objects (each of those objects has different color) and have them keep their original colors?

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