Converting a selection to Vector based Shape

Just a tip on how to convert your current selection to a shape that also can be used in future as vector format.

Take the selection with your favorite method.

In my case i use the magic wand tool

After you took the selection go to path palette and press the little arrow on the top right corner, then select the “make work path


enter the tolerance value 0.5, why..? because we want to maintain the original selection as much as possible…Note here that the value less than 0.5 is not acceptable.

Now your work path should be created..

Now go to the Edit menu and select “Define Custom shape”

Enter the name of desired shape and press OK

Now this shape is available under the Custom Shapes.

Just use it in the  way you want and enjoy.


17 thoughts on “Converting a selection to Vector based Shape

  1. You saved my JOB! Thank’s for Italians:
    Con PHOTOSHOP CS 5.5:
    Andate su tracciati, e con il cursore sopra la selezione cliccate col desro del mouse e schiacciate crea maschera di lavoro. Ho recuperato così un vettoriale che mi era diventato una selezione!

  2. Thanks man! and in my opinion we should keep the default value is 2 because 0.5 will make a lot of anchor points. So when we zoom in the photo turn to a “zic zac”

  3. ‘…Now this shape is available under the Custom Shapes’. Where can I find the Custom Shapes? Is that the same as my Work Path?

  4. Haha this ended up better than I expected 😀 I just wanted to convert a raster pic into a vector pic but now it’s saved and I can use it anytime. Thanks. 😀

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