Tip, Removing noise from audio in Adobe Premiere Pro

In this little tutorial,I am just giving you a quick tip on how to remove the noise from the audio track in adobe premiere pro.

Drag the footage on time-line.
Open the effects panel.
Go to Audio effects.

there you can see three categories, now it depends that which type of audio mode do you have to which you want to remove the noise.But most of time the audio is Stereo mode.So i am going with stereo.

Under Audio Effect open the stereo drop down.
There you will find the the DeNoiser effect
Drag and drop the effect on your audio channel.

Now go to Effect control pannel….Windows—>effect control.

There you will see the that DeNoiser is applied under the channel’s audio effect……Note…if you are not seeing it under there then either you have not selected the audio channel or the effect is not applied on audio channel …you could repeat the step again.

Ok now pree the small arrow on the left of the DeNoiser effect to open it options

There you will see two option, one is custom setup and second is Individual parameters.

Open the Individual parameters by clicking the arrow on the left.

Open Reduction, there you will see a slider…now slide it to the left as much as the noise is over from the audio you can test the audio by playing the play button on preview monitor or by hitting the ‘Space Bar’ on the keyboard.You can also adjust the slider position during the playback.

You can also play with the offset an freeze options to get it perfect.

I hope this solves the problem…

Thanks for being in touch.

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30 thoughts on “Tip, Removing noise from audio in Adobe Premiere Pro

  1. If this method doesn’t work, then open bass and bring that down a little, especially for interviews, that’ll get rid of a lot of background hiss.

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