Wow..That was really fantastic that commercial was soo good that some force pull me to put it on my blog..Everything from the Video quality to sound all perfectly done….enjoy and do comment on it.

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9 thoughts on “HBL’s TV commercial…LOVELY PAKISTAN

  1. Actually, this commercial was launched near independence day this year, As the ad has truly Pakistani Spirit, So this surly had built a great feelings about the HBL in heart of Pakistani people that HBL is the Bank that cares for Pakistan and pakistani people….. This is what i understood from this Commercial.

  2. Actually the same concept you told was my first perception but this is very hard for a normal person to understand .. there were so many other clear ways to depict the same “khush hali”. May be you should give a tip or two to the hbl designing team :-).

  3. hi, this commercial is done by Asad ul Haq.. one of the top ranking commercial directors in pakistan.. its entire Post Production is done abraod.. very expensive budget.. yess i love it.. but one thing that leaves the audience confused is the concept… the wardrobe isnt the generic pakistani… how can the visuals of minority ” cultures” depict PAKISTAN?? this is the opinion ive been getting from people… anywayz. asad has done an amazing job in terms of shots.. treatment., etc


  4. Zak, thanks for adding in your comments, well every one has its own perception and taste but here i am adding in my words….

    The good thing which i like about this commercial is that it has shown a true face of Pakistan from top Mountain ranges to the bottom beaches of the Pakistan.Mean all major cultures are represented beautifully.

    As you quoted that
    how can the visuals of minority ” cultures” depict PAKISTAN??

    My perception is that Actually this is the true Pakistani culture…if you say that Telenor TalkShawk’s Commercial presents true Pakistan…..does it……??? i leave that on you.
    One the other hand a good example of a true culture representation is the commercial of Airtel india( a boy goes to village to his grandparents…..)

    So this commercial fulfilled the basic requirements in quite good manner.

    Well that was all my opinion …..

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