Distributed Rendering

I was working on a 3D room in 3D studio max from last some days but in rendering that seen i face lot of problems because my machine is not so strong to render that scene quickly so i thought to go to distributed rendering option..

First i will tell you little about what is actually the distributed rendering for those people who are new to graphics or 3D field.

In distributed rendering multiple workstations or computers render the single frame or the animation at the same time and the final output is saved on a central location available to all by using this way we can reduce the rendering time.

Now i am going to tell you about how to do that….here in this post i will tell you how you could do this in general in 3ds max but in next post i will tell you how to do this specifically in VRAY.

Now first step in distributed rendering is that to setup a LAN between the available station if it is not done before.I would suggest you to use automatic IP address and subnet mask if you have not much knowledge about the networking thing.

Install 3DS MAX and backburner plugin on all computers which you will use for distributed rendering with all the additional plugins for example if you are making the scene by using glu3D(a liquid simulator plugin) then it must be installed on all the machines otherwise the scene will give error.

Before i continue to tell you about the process i think you have some basic knowledge about backburner. Basically we can divide the backburner in to three components.

1- Backburner Server
2-Backburner Manager
3-Backburner Monitor

Server is the component which gets the rendering request from the managers and then after completing then task they send them back to manger.

Manager is the piece through which you can generate the rendering request.

Monitor is the component which enables you to see the rendering progress.

Now run the Backburner server on each machine, which you want to serve as servers

To do that go to Start>All programes>Autodesk>Backburner >Server….this is method for 3DS max 8 you can convert it according to your own 3DS max version.

Now we are ready for rendering……Open the scene which you want to render on the machine which you use as manager.

Go to render render menu make sure you are under common tab. Under Render Output press file and then choose a location on the network, it could be a shared folder on the network give the file name, choose the format and press save…

Now scroll below to the common tab and check the Net Render checkbox.

Network job assignment dialog opens…Give a name to job press the connect button under subnet mask(note: if your subnet mask is not default then you must enter your own) press connect.Now you should see all the running servers on the server box.

If you want that all servers render the same job then check the Use all servers under options and if you want to assign job to s single server then uncheck it and select the sever buy clicking it on servers panel.

when you are read to render press the submit button.

You should see that 3DS max starts on each server and the rendering starts after that.

wait for finish it and the go and see it at saved location…and enjoy

In next post i will show you how you can do it with VRAY’s DR.

Thanks for being here and give me suggestions on what i can write for you in future.

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5 thoughts on “Distributed Rendering

  1. hello all i have installed backburner 3dstudiomax2010 on one workstation two servers one manager i send a job render from workstation to manager and bot h servers appears but always only the manager use one server to render this is normal wath i have to do or wath can i do?

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