Removing noise from the audio by using Adobe Audition

A very common problem during the Voice recording is that some ambiance sound is always added to the sound unless you make whole room sound proof.

Here is an easy way to remove that sound without affecting the original audio content by using a software known as Adobe Audition..You could record the audio either by using Audition or any other software which you like.When you done with recording your audio follow the process described below

1-Run the adobe audition

2-Goto file>>Open. or Press Ctrl+O

3-Select the audio file from which you want to remove noise.

4-Next step is to click and drag on the waveform to select some part of it ,where no activity is going on or its ideal…you can see the follwing picture as a reference.(by doing this we tell the audition compiler that this selection is noise which we want to remove)

5- Now go to Effects>>Noise reduction>>Noise reduction


6- On Noise redution dialog box click “get profile from selection” button.


7- when u click that button audition get the noise profile from your selection……Now click Close button on the dialog box to hide it.(Please do not click the Cancel button because it do not save the selction profile).

8- Now select the whole sound track either by clicking the edit menu>>>Select entire wave or by pressing the shortcut ctrl+A.

9- Now again open the Noise reduction dialog by Effects>>Noise reduction>>Noise reduction..and click ok. when you click ok Audition performs the process of noise reduction this could take some time depending on the length of the track.

10- Now when its done go click the play button at the bottom left of Audition to hear what u got, if u satisfied then go to file menu and select save As.

Thats it..

Thanks for being in touch.

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