Color Correction in Adobe Premiere Pro

Sorry visitors i was off the scene for some time due to Some work load. Here i am back with a very useful tutorial in adobe premier pro.Note that i am using adobe premiere Pro version 7.If you are using some other version then i dont know how to convert that.

You could use this tutorial for Professional Video Production and as well for the Home made videos.

So Lets get started.Open adobe premiere Pro and import your footage in it.Drag the footage on the the timeline.

Go to Project panel and click the Effects Tab and select the Color corrector effect under the Vide Effect > Image Control.

Tip:Another way to reach the effects panel is ,Click the Windows Menu and click effects.

Tip: you could easily go to your desired effect by typing its name on the Contains Search bar.


Now drag the effect to your footage on the timeline.

Now click on the Windows menu and select the effect controls.Click the small arrow on the left side of the color corrector effect to open more options.

Here are lot of options to use for color correction depending on the problem, But most of the problem can be solved by two methods.

1.Open more options by clicking the arrow on the left side of the Black/White Balance under the color corrector.

Next step is to located the three colors(Black, Gray, White) in your footage, to do that click and drag the eyedropper tool next to these three color to locate that where are the three color exist in your footage. Lets say you want to locate the black color then drag the eyedropper tool to the color which you think should be black or is black.Similarly select the gray and white color in your scene.As an example see the following picture.



You must understand the concept that by doing above process you tell the premiere compiler that these three color should be Black…White and Gray…

You would see instant changes as you select the color so keep trying until you get the right result.

2.Second way of color correction is under the HSL Hue offset options under the Color corrector.On expanding it you could see four colored circles(Master , Shadows , Midtones and highlights.

To do color correction using this option click the little black dot on the center of the Master color circle and drag it to opposite direction of the tinted color on your footage(if it has).Like i have a light orange tint on my footage then i drag the dot to opposite direction of the orange color. One thing to note is that as you drag the dot to out border of circle you are increasing the color intensity of the added tint.So adjust it according to your need.

Here is the example


There are lot more options to make the color correction in your scene just play with the setting to get the desired result

May be you got the point………Good Luck and thanks for visiting my blog.

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