Which is Best Rendering Method?

This post is specifically for the beginners in Multimedia field or 3D animations field. A big question in there mind is always that how to get good rendering quality like the animation they see in the big movies.

Today i am going to discuss the several solution about Rendering problems.The first rule in rendering is that NEVER EVER render the animation directly to video format means AVI or MOV.There are two main reasons for doing that, One is that during the avi or mov rendering if your PC shut downs because of power failure or any other reason your all animation is gone. Second reason is that during the rendering if you see the some of frames are not good means some lightening or other issues happen with meshes(commonly happens)Then you must cancel the rendering and previous frames which were good are not accessible or retrieved.Third problem is that some times one frame could take several minutes so you cant afford to render the whole animation at one go.And off course there could be several other problems as well.

So Now i am going to discuss whats is the solution to that.This Solution applies to all software which allow you to export as image sequence format like MAYA, 3Ds MAX, LIGHTWAVE, ADOBE Premiere, Adobe After effects etc.

The solution is very easy just render the animation always in Image sequence format. When your animation is ready to render go to rendering options and select one from following format according to your need and give any name to the first image for example if you have the name Start the the first frame will automatically named as Start01.. and so on.

BMP– Final output is in very high quality and crispy, But sizes of images are very high
JPEG– Final output is not very crispy but Size is very low as compared to BMP.
TGA and PNG– Both these format are always used if you want to have the out put in Alpha Channel.

Now when you rendered all the images into a folder then next step is to rejoin them to make the avi.There are several programs to convert the images to movie. The most common one and easy to use is Virtual Dub. Just go to file option in virtual dub and click the open video file.Browse the path and then select the first image of sequence and click open now press the play button down on the virtual Dub.

Now select the appropriate compression according to your need from video menu and press ok. (For Selecting the Best Compression Codec See my upcoming post) Now go to file again and press Save as AVI. Give name and location and press save. You are done.

By using upper method you are always on safer side in rendering problems.

I hope this will help full for you guys. Thanks

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