Making a Glossy Logo

After the Poser tutorial here is something very creative and easy to make thing in Adobe Photoshop.

1-Run the Photoshop. Goto file–>New or Press Ctrl+N to start a new canvas.Enter the Name for new canvas, Then enter the desired size of the Canvas, i used 1024×768.For a reference use the following picture.1.jpg

2-Now select the Ellipse tool to draw a circle, you may have to click the small arrow in the right-bottom corner of the select shapes button to select it.


Now press the shift button(to lock the aspect ratio) and click-n-drag to draw the circle in center of the canvas.


Now double click on the name of the shape layer to give it a name.I used “base” as the name.


Next step is to go in the blending options of the Layer, you could do this by double clicking the small box(second one) or you could right click on the shape layer and select the blending options.

In Blending options click color overlay and click the color box to select any color for your object, as in my case i am going to create a pakistan flag icon so i m using dark green color for circle.If you are going with me then enter “177A00” value in lower-left field and click ok to apply the color.


Now click the Inner Glow in the blending options to add a effect.Change the settings as shown in the following figure and click ok to apply the changes to the blending options.


Now draw another circle inside the base as shown in following figure, but remember do not draw this time by pressing the shift button, you can use the move tool to adjust its position.Rename it in same way as u did for the base one, i used the name “upper glow”.


Goto the blending options of upper glow to add some effects.Click the gradient overlay,then click then gradient box to open the gradient editor.Do single click on the small icon(color stop) on the left bottom corner of the color range to activate the color, then select the color by clicking the color again enter the same color value as u did for color overlay of base(on other side make sure its white color selected).click ok to close the color picker and the again click ok to close the gradient editor then click ok on the blending options to apply the effect .For a referense you can use the following pictures.



Now right click the upper glow layer in layer window and select rasterize Layer.


Now click the blur tool on the tool bar or press “R” on keyboard.Then click and move the cursor over the bottom half of the upper glow layer.Use the following picture for a reference.


By keep selected the upper glow layer select the move tool(“V”)press and hold the alt button and move the mouse down to duplicate the shape.Give any name to the new shape i use “bottom glow”.Then go to edit–>Transform–>flip verticle.Now adjust it as shown in following figure.


Select the bottom glow layer and go to filter–>Blur–>Gaussian Blur. and enter the value 35, click ok to apply the blur.



Now see how dramatically your figure changes.But thats not over, Last thing which you can optionally do is to add the shadow.

Select the Ellipse tool and draw a ellipse as shown in following figure rename it to “shadow”.Move the New Layer down to bottom right up to background layer by selecting it and dragging down in layer panel.

Then adjust it as shown in following figure.


By keep selecting the shadow layer go to blending options–>color overlay and give it a light green color.i use”89DA75″color value.Click ok to select the color and click ok again on the blending options to apply the color to shadow shape.

Now last step is to add the blur to the shape by keep selecting it and to to filters–>blur–>Gaussian blur set the value ok to apply.

Here is the final output.


For Any further questions please post comments.


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