Flag Simulation in Poser

Flag Simulation in Poser

Hi,I made this tutorial by using pose 6, but anyone with poser 5 or poser 7 can also follow the tutorial.This specific tutorial is made for beginners level, but anyone with higher skill level in Poser can follow it to make something very good in less time.

So lets get started.

1-Open New poser scene.Select the default character and press delete on Keyboard.

2-Open the Library plate and click props>Primitives>Square Hi-Res then click on the little check icon down in the Library plate.This will create the Square Plane down on the floor of the scene.

3-Double click the Plane, a dialog box appears on the side select the properties tab if not selected already, Change the name if you want and also make sure the other settings on this tab are same as shown in following figure.

4- Then select the Parameters tab on the Dialog box and set the values as shown in following figure.

5- Now close the properties dialog box by clicking the icon on the right top corner.

6- Now create a pole for flag by clicking the props>Primitives>cylinder.

7- Double click the cylinder, this opens properties dialog box, click the parameters tab and set the values as shown in following figure, Let the other setting on the properties tab remain default.

8- Close the properties dialog box.

9- Now we will make a Wind force by selecting the object menu>Wind force object.


10- Double click the Wind force object, and change the settings as is shown in following figure.


11- Now next step is to set the lighting of the scene.I only used one single infinite light of white color because as many lights you would use in scene it will cause the rendering engine to do more calculations so obviously the rendering time would be increased to, i deleted the other two default lights.


13- Open the timeline if not open by clicking the handle at the mid bottom of the poser window.Click the end frame counter and set the value to 60 and press Enter.


14- Now click on Cloth tab on main poser window.

15- Click New simulation and give the simulation name, set the start frame to 1 and ending frame to 60 and check the Cloth self collision, When cloth self collision is checked then cloths polygon overlapping problem can be overcome.Click ok after settings the values, You can also use the following picture as a referance.


16- Second step in clothing is to click clothify button and then select the flag object from dropdown list.


17- Now select the collide against>Add/remove button, Hierarchy selection dialog box appears. just click on the pole object, a star appears in the little box, which shows its checked now.Click Ok on Hierarchy Selection dialog box.Now click ok on the collision dialog box.



18- Now select the flag object from scene if not selected already.

19- Click the edit dynamic group button, this opens the group editor, Now zoom by dragging the mouse downward over the camera control and also use the move Y and Z , to have a close look at the flag object.



20- Now place your cursor just below the top left corner, press the mouse right left button,press the ctrl button and drag to the bottom of the flag in a way so that only first two vertical lines of vertices are selected.leave the mouse left button , see in the view that first two vertical lines are now deselected(turns dark grey).
Actually by doing this process we excluded the first two vertical lines of vertices from the dynamics group, so any dynamics would not effect these two lines, because they are attached to the pole.
Now you are done, for reference see the following pictures.



21- Close the group editor by clicking the little white boxnew_16.jpg on the top right corner of it.

22- Now last step is to set the cloth properties, You can play with them according to your need, for this tutorial i remained them default.

23- Now click the calculate simulation button, this is a time taking process so just take a glass of water or what ever you want,but be caution not to minimize the poser window or open any other software because it will delete the temporay files and your whole animation is gone, also disable the Screen saver or anyother utility before hitting calculate simulation button.


24- When Calculation is ended up, Just press the play simulation button to see the animation, Just play with all settings of cloth and wind object to get the fine animation.

25- Finally go to render menu and render the animation in any format you wish.


Keep in touch for more tutorials on GraphX.


For further Details please contact me on follwing email


This is the final video link go and visit it and see the ultimate realism.

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