How to edit wordpress tag cloud tooltip text.

Another issue i faced during the wordpress development, i want to change the tooltip text which appears on hovering the mouse over the tags created by wp_tag_cloud().

By default it shows something like 5 topics, 2 topics etc, and i want to make it something like 5 Projects tagged

So how to do it …?

Open category-template.php which is located under /wp-includes folder.

Search for this line

function default_topic_count_text( $count )

Under there you will find the following code

return sprintf( _n('%s topic', '%s topics', $count), number_format_i18n( $count ) );

Change the “topic” and “topics” string according to your need. As far my example is concern i changed it to this

return sprintf( _n('%s Project Tagged', '%s Projects Tagged', $count), number_format_i18n( $count ) );

Thats it!..
Another example to explain it further
%s is the variable that stores the number of post and it is followed by a string which can be any, so lets say i want to say, There are 9 topics, i will change it to

return sprintf( _n('There are %s Topic', 'There are %s Topics', $count), number_format_i18n( $count ) );

Fist string is for singular and second is for plural

I hope this helps!

WP e-commerce error, WordPress database error [Unknown column ‘sessionind’ in ‘fieldlist’]


Couple of days ago while working on a client website i came up with an error when i enabled google checkout payment option under WP e-commerce payment setting.



I searched the files for the string “sessionind” under the wpsc-merchants folder and found that it is typo mistake by the developers in file “GoogleCheckout-XML.php”. Actually it should be “sessionid” not the “sessionind”. So here is how to fix it.



Go to following path

  1. /wp-content/plugins/wp-e-commerce/wpsc-merchants/
  2. Look for the file Google Checkout-XML.php
  3. open it with any text editor and search for the string “sessionind” and replace it with “sessionid” instead.
  4. Save the file and Done!

Isolate selected object

During creation of a complex scene it is common thing that you want to edit a single object in a separate space and after editing you want to put back it to same scene with out any merging problem. So here is a simple solution to that.

Select you object and press / key on you numpad it will be separated you can make any changes and when you are done just press / key again it will be on same place in the scene.

Thanks for being in touch 🙂

Selected Area render in Blender

For test renders it is sometime required to render a specific area in camera view rather than to render the whole view and at end you feel something is wrong.

To render selected area in blender press Shift-B in camera view and then with marquee selection select the area you want to have test render. If you render now it will only render the area you selected.

To render the full camera view again press shift-B and take selection outside the camera view.

Have a good day cheers 🙂

Wamp Server common error “Could not execute menu item (internal error) [Exception] Could not perform service action: The service has not been started”

If you getting following error

Could not execute menu item (internal error) [Exception] Could not perform service action: The service has not been started

Solution 1:
please make sure none of following services is running on your system.

IIS, Skype, Zone Alarm, NOD32, Eset, Internet Optimizer, Google Accelerator, any other database server, any other webserver?

If you using any of the above application close it and select “restart all services” from WAMP menu.

Solution 2:

under Apache open the httpd.conf and change the lines

Listen 80
Listen 8080

Save the file and select “restart all services”, it is done

Thats all .. Cheers

A strange thing is that when i was getting this problem i closed the Skype and restarted all services and wamp was up and running. But again i started the skype and it give me no problem again … 😀

How to make sharp edges shape in photoshop

Some time when you create shapes in photoshop its edges become blur. The reason is that the edges exist between two pixels. See the following picture.

zoomed image with problem

Now how to solve this problem?

Option 1 (Manual):

Select the anchor point with direct selection tool and move them to either edge  of that pixel. You will see that it will be sharp now. To see the pixel view you must enable OpenGL Drawing feature of photoshop. To do this go to View > Preferences > Performance and under GPU settings Check the Enable OpenGL Drawing.


Option 2 (Pixel Snapping):

This option works only with Rectangle tool and Rounded rectangle tool. Select the tool  and on the tool bar above the window press the down arrow next to custom shape tool and check the snap to pixel. You are done! Any rectangle shape you draw will now snap to pixels automatically.

See the image below

pixel snapping

Hope this little trick will make you life easier…

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